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frequently asked questions

How can I learn more about dog shows?

Visit the American Kennel Club website for all you wanted to know about dog shows and then some! If you're interested in showing your dog, sign up for the AKC's New Exhibitor Mentoring Program.

Can I enter my dog in the show?
If your dog is registered with the AKC and eligible for one of the events held at the Michigan Winter Dog Classic, visit our entries page for more information on entering our show. For eligibility requirements, review the AKC website and rules for the appropriate events.

How do I register my dog with AKC?
In order for a dog to be individually registered with the AKC, it must be part of an AKC-registered litter. When you purchase a purebred puppy, the breeder should provide you with an Individual Dog Registration Application to fill out, sign, and send to the AKC with the appropriate registration fee. In many cases you can register your dog online.

How do I register my dog with AKC if it is a mixed breed?
The AKC Canine Partners Program enables dogs of mixed breeds to participate in AKC Rally, Obedience, Agility, and Coursing Ability events. Dogs registered as Canine Partners must be spayed or neutered; if you are registering a puppy, you must certify that you will have it spayed or neutered at the age recommended by your veterinarian. Wolf-dog hybrids are not eligible for the Canine Partners Program.

How do I make an entry?
To enter a dog, fill out an official AKC entry form and send it, with the appropriate entry fee, to the superintendent or show secretary, listed on the form. Entry forms are found at the back of the premium list.

Can I bring my dog to the show without an AKC registration?
Yes, when you participate in the "My Dog Can Do That!" event. You must register at the "My Dog Can Do That!" desk at the show. Participating dogs must be at least 6 months old and have proof of rabies vaccination. Please bring your dog on a buckle collar and 4 to 6 foot leash.

No retractable leashes, prong collars, or head halters allowed.

How can I learn when certain breeds or events are scheduled?
Once show entries have closed, the superintendent or show secretary will publish a judging program. The judging program lists the schedule of events and judging, including the number of entries in each breed, the time judging for the breed begins, and the ring in which the breed is being judged.

Why should I come to the show?
Entertainment for the entire Family
The Michigan Winter Dog Classic is one of the best entertainment values around. For only a few dollars, you can spend an entire day admiring thousands of beautiful dogs, shopping the vendor booths and enjoying action-packed demonstrations. A special Family Pack of tickets is available for $35 and includes 2 adults and 3 kids!

Everything you want to know about buying, training and caring for your dog is presented under one roof. You can also talk face-to-face with experts on any dog-related topic and learn about what you need to know to buy a pure bred dog from a reputable breeder.

To see top competitors
Many of the top-winning dogs in the country representing the 160+ breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club will attend The Michigan Winter Dog Classic. Several have already been invited to the country’s premier Westminster Dog Show coming up in February. Now’s your chance to see them shine in person before you might get to see them on television!

When should I come?
The show is Thursday-Sunday from 9 am-5 pm. Please check the Judging Schedule to see when your favorite breed will be judged. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all offer a full venue of activities and special events, so choose the day that is most convenient for you and your family. Best In Show awards are at approximately 5:00 p.m. each day. Note: This is not a Benched Show and the dogs are not required to stay all day, so be sure to check the Judging Schedule for the breeds you want to make sure to see.

Are there any group rates for the show?
We do have a group rate. School groups, scouts, senior citizen club, or any group of 12 or more can take advantage of the group rate. For groups of 12 or more tickets are $5 per person, all ages. This includes admission, tour information, and a special memento from the show for each child 12 and under. Contact Barry Wyerman at 248-563-0867 or

May I bring my dog?
Yes, you and your dog may participate, whether mixed breed or purebred, in the "My Dog Can Do That!" special event. Participating dogs must be at least 6 months old and have proof of rabies vaccination. Please bring your dog on a buckle collar and 4 to 6 foot leash. No retractable leashes, prong collars, chain choke collars or head halters allowed.

Can I buy a puppy at the show?
We do not allow dogs to be sold or adopted at the show.  We do encourage you to meet reputable breeders at Meet the Breed or visit the numerous rescue societies and clubs and make an appointment to either purchase or adopt a dog.

Can you recommend a dog-friendly hotel in the area?
The Doubletree Hotel in Novi is the Host Hotel to The Michigan Winter Dog Classic. They are offering a special rate each day of the show. Visit their website to learn more about this hotel.

Other dog friendly hotels in the area can be found at Bring Fido.

Where is The Suburban Collection Showplace located?
The Suburban Collection Showplace is located at 46100 Grand River Ave between Novi and Beck roads in Novi, Michigan. Grand River is easily accessible by I-96 exiting at Novi or Beck Roads. Please call 248-348-5600 to receive detailed directions from different areas. Directions

Where should I park?
The Suburban Collection Showplace offers convenient parking for attendees. The fee is $5 per car per day.

Are wheel chair and scooter rentals available?
Yes, The Suburban Collection Showplace has manual and motorized wheelchairs available at the box office on a first come, first serve basis. An ID or something of value must be left with Box Office personnel to secure your rental.

Is smoking allowed inside of the facility?
Smoking is prohibited inside of The Suburban Collection Showplace and the Diamond Center.

Do you have concessions available?
The Suburban Collection Showplace has a full service concession area available offering a variety of different food options. From healthy salads, soups, and sandwiches all the way to pizza, burgers, ice cream and popcorn. No outside food or beverage is allowed within the facility.

*prices and show times subject to change